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Tassinari Rubinetterie

June 2019

Tassinari Rubinetterie has been working in the hydraulic sector since 1972, strengthening its expertise and professionality step by step to specialize in civil and professional taps. This strong experience allows our Company to satisfy the customers' requests and offer them the most appropriate solutions, in order to match the specific technical requirements of the catering industry and professional sector. We select high and certified quality products to provide our customers a qualified service and not merely good products.
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April 2019

Tecnoeka manufactures professional ovens Eka branded for restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops. Professionals around the world rely on our products and on the basis of the key principles of our corporate philosophy: we satisfy our customers with reliable products characterized by quality, efficiency, technical progress, ease of use and optimal performance. Our goal is to continuously improve, by simplifying the work of those who use our equipment.
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New Queen Line

January 2019

Like a true monarch, Queen has no rivals. Its stylish and graceful profile is sure to draw looks of admiration; it offers a host of ingenious, practical solutions, both large and small, guaranteed to provoke feelings of love and desire. It is a state-of-the-art hob, with a strong character, but capable of asserting itself with charm. It is the new undisputed star of every professional kitchen, designed to support and enhance every chef’s day-to-day creativity and passion.
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